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891JH:  Seats.  Yes, it is finally time for the front seat upgrade.  

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891JH is prepared for new front seats.  A pair of seats was acquired out of a Baron that was parted out, and the installation STC was purchased.

F35 getting prepped for new front seats

Front seat installation in a Bonanza

New front seats for an F35 Bonanza

The old seat mounts were removed.  That was a treat; the forward rivets were difficult to access.  But, success was ours!

Seat mounts being removed from a Bonanza

Bonanza seat mounts being removed

Locating the rails requires measuring at least twice before drilling.  Then, the rear are bolted in, and the front ones are installed w/blind rivets.

New seat rails being installed in a Bonanza

New front seat installation

Installing new front seats in a Bonanza

Front seat structure

Front seat rail being installed

Seat rail being bolted into a Beech

Once the rails are installed, the seats were put in the aircraft so we can plan the next step:  upholstery!  Also, a final fit of the rear seat was made.  Rear seat is the bench, split-back, as used in the K & M models.

Front seat upgrade in a Bonanza

Upgraded front seat rails in a Bonanza

New seats in a Beech F35 Bonanza

New seating area

Beech Bonanza gets new front seats

Newly installed Baron seats in a Bonanza

Having done the side walls and headliner ourselves, it was a no-brainer that we needed a pro for the seat upholstery.  Rick and his crew from Cannon Aircraft Interiors in Everett, WA, worked that magic for us.  Here's how she looks with the final work.  And, I might add, my 6 ft plus frame fits much better!

Bonanza with new upholstery

New upholstery in Beech F35

Beech Bonanza with updated upholstery

A fresh look for a classic F35 beauty