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It can get a little drafty up there.  Door seal work on an A36TC.

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When this aircraft was dropped off for some unrelated work, the customer asked if we could look at his door seal, also.  It had recently been replaced, but was still leaking air.

Inspection found an "Aircraft Door Seals, LLC." seal was installed, but not well. 

Improperly installed door seal on an A36TC

Close up of improperly installed door seal on a Beech

Beech Bonanza with poorly installed door seal

It didn't take very long to figure out that this seal couldn't be re-positioned once the glue had cured so well.  The area was masked, and the seal removed.

Removing door seal from a Beech Bonanza

An A36TC with it's door seal removed

A new seal was fit and installed according to "Aircraft Door Seals, LLC." installation instructions.  Note this is very important!  It is not a Beech seal, you cannot install it like one or it will not work.

A36TC getting a new door seal

New door seal being installed on a Beech Bonanza

A36TC with it's new door seal installed

Detail of new door seal installation on an A36TC