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Think there isn't anything else that can fit under the cowl of a Whirlwind III?  Wanna bet?

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In his never-ending quest for more efficiency, this customer opted for the ElectroAir Electronic Ignition System.  All we need to do is figure out where to install the components.

V35B engine compartment before installation  Bonanza engine compartment before ElectroAir Electronic Ignition System

The firewall kidney panel had just enough real-estate, coil on the front, new rack on the back where the encoder was to also install the computer and MAP sensor.

V35B Firewall Kidney Panel  Back side of V35B firewall kidney panel  ElectroAir Electronic Ignition System being installed - Bonanza  V35B - ElectroAir Electronic Ignition installation

Once the 'hard part' was done, the rest was a piece of cake...

V35B with ElectroAir Electronic Ignition installed  Details of ElectroAir Electronic Ignition installation - V35B  V35B engine compartment with Electronic Ignition installed  V35B Circuit Breakers  V35B - Newly installed ElectroAir Electronic Ignition switch

Preliminary reports show a modest gain in speed, as well as reduction in fuel consumption.