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Puyallup, WA  98374
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Mike's Advice

Mike's top ten advice list for all pilots.

  1. NEVER purchase any airplane without a quality pre-purchase inspection.
  2. NEVER leave your aircraft unused over 30 days without preservative care.
  3. ASSURING the mags are off, on days with ambient temperatures below 40 degrees (F), pull the propeller through at least 20 blades to get the oil moving in the engine.  TREAT THE PROPELLER AS HOT ANYWAY.
  4. AT THE MINIMUM, change engine oil every 3 months, 25 hours if you only have a pressure screen, or 50 hours if you have a full-flow oil filter.
  5. DON'T forget to run around your aircraft with Tri-flow, LPS 2 or other lubricant and squirt the exposed hinges, rod ends, etc., at oil change.
  6. A PROPER PRE-FLIGHT includes more than sumping the tanks.  Look at it, feel it, shake it.
  7. Have discrepancies repaired before they get too major.  Worn and/or broken parts will cause further problems, including (generally) larger holes in your wallet.
  8. EDUCATE YOURSELF on your airplane's systems and abilities, be one with your airplane.
  9. RECURRENCY TRAINING in invaluable, don't be afraid to ask for help.
  10. Aviation, itself is sometimes too much fun.  Carelessness can cause serious injury or death.  Life is short; enjoy it, but don't abuse it.