Avstar Aircraft of Washington, Inc.

10415 172nd St. E., Hangar A1
Puyallup, WA  98374
office (253)770-9964
or (253)770-0120
email:  avstarair@att.net

About AVSTAR Aircraft of Washington, Inc.

Located at the Southwestern end of Thun Field (KPLU) in Puyallup, Washington, AVSTAR Aircraft of Washington, Inc. was started in 1995 by a team led by Michael Thompson.  Our initial goal was to fill a void in aircraft maintenance available in our area.  We gravitated to specializing in Beechcraft piston-powered maintenance.

We continue to focus on our goal of performing the best quality maintenance, repair and alteration available.  No, we're not experts.  We feel that term limits our potential for growth.  We are specialists, continually learning.

Specializing in Beechcraft piston-powered airplanes doesn't mean that we don't work on and appreciate other brands of airplanes.  Our current customer list includes Cessnas, Pipers and others.   In fact, we'll work on just about anything but Mooney's, wood wing Bellanca and Ercoupe. 

Quality is our goal

We have built a reputation of unsurpassed quality in:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Alteration of fine aircraft

Beechcraft specialists

While we aspire to be the premier shop for most general aviation aircraft, there is a recognized need for quality Beechcraft service.  From Barons to Bonanzas, AVSTAR has worked on them all and has the experience to do the job or find someone who can.

No single shop can be experts in every facet of every make and model; we don't claim to be.  We can and will assist you in making your aircraft safe and as equipped as you desire.  If this means we recommend one of our competitors for a particular job, we will!  If you want to fly the best, we are here to help.

Airworthiness is consideration number one.